ABC Monikie Winter Duathlon Series – Round 2

ABC Monikie Winter Duathlon Series – Round 2

January 14, 2014 Off By petef

The second round of the Winter Series was held on Sunday 12th January over the distance of 4k and 20k.

Cold weather greeted the participants although at least it was relatively dry and the wind didn’t play a part this time round.

Robert Harrison led the way on the 2 lap run with Andrew Williams quickly followed by Jermey Tomlinson, Stuart Paterson, Peter Flick and Daniel Clarke. Right behind this group was the first lady Fiona Bracegirdle.

Out on the bike Robert Harrison was passed in the first few miles by RG McLean who as usual was putting in a pace that could not be matched.

With a commanding bike leg Bert McIntosh (though it looked liked Andrew Brierly (TBC), results to be verified!) assumed second place on the bike.

Finishing order was RG McLean, Bert AKA Andrew, Robert Harrison, Peter Flick and Jeremy Tomlinson. The first lady with a commanding lead over the rest of the field was Fiona Bracegirdle.

Provisional age category leaders are currently Stuart Paterson (Junior), Peter Flick (Senior), Robert Harrison (Veteran), RG McLean (Super Vet), Stephen Walton(Vintage) for the men.

For the ladies Fiona Bracegirdle (Senior), , Kirsti Sharrat (Veteran), Miriam Rennet (Super Vet) and Barbara Brown (Vintage) although results for the combined rounds are still to be verified and may change.

Results for round two can be found here.