About Angus Bike Chain CC

Angus Bike Chain (ABC) is an active and sociable cycling club with members from all around Angus. We have members, male and female, participating in all disciplines – road, gravel, mountain, cyclocross and track, whether for fitness, in events (such as audaxes or sportives) or in competition (such as road races and time trials). We welcome beginners and experienced riders. Whatever your focus, experience or objectives, you’ll find others in the club to share them with. ABC is friendly, inclusive and informal and we particularly aim to provide practical support and encouragement for members new to club riding. We also reckon we’ve got the best name and the best kit around! 

Membership is open to everyone but if you are under 16 we recommend joining the Discovery Junior Cycling Club, based at Caird Park, Dundee. If you are new to club cycling, or coming back after a break, we suggest a steady-paced run at first, to see how you go. On those runs we operate a ‘no-drop’ policy, so you won’t be left behind! The club has a British Cycling Level 3 Coach, John Bremner, who is happy to give advice to all members and prospective members.

Our club rides are organised through the Facebook group. You can view the group and request to join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/angusbikechaincc

If you wish to join ABC, please use the link below to British Cycling. Annual membership is currently £15.00. For other enquiries, please contact the Club Secretary at contact@angusbikechaincc.com

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ABC is affiliated to Scottish Cycling, British Cycling and Cycling Time Trials.