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    This year there will be no formal track league at Caird Park but in an attempt to increase participation, in particular adult cyclists with road or mtb experience, I’m running a series of coach-led racing sessions at the track every Thursday from 6.30 to 8pm. The first session will be Thursday 1 May 2014.

    What is coach-led racing you ask? This is racing role play that allows techniques and tactics to be practiced within a coaching session by creating mock racing scenarios. Scenarios are based around a crux moment from a race so that riders can practice making decisions in these moments, practice tactics/ techniques to develop them and a riders technical and tactical aspects of performance.

    The outline plan is to have in the region of 12 weeks of these sessions, focussing on different track races and events, culminating in a closed event for riders who have participated in more than half of the CLR sessions. There will be a prize fund from a proportion of the fees taken over the course.

    Week 1 will be a basic fixed wheel bike handling session with assessment of ability and performance
    Weeks 2 and 3 will focus on Scratch (bunch) race skills/ tactics/ scenarios
    Weeks 4 and 5 will focus on Match Sprints
    Weeks 6 and 7 will focus on the Points Race and Elimination/ Devil
    Weeks 8 and 9 will focus on Keirin
    Week 9 will focus on Pursuits/ Team Pursuits
    Weeks 10 and 11 will focus on Madison (if the overall skill level allows this)
    Week 12 will be the CLR Championship hopefully with prizes for Senior/ Junior/ Women/ Youth
    These weeks are subject to alteration to suit weather conditions/ rider ability and group development.

    Cost will be £3 a week.
    There are a limited number of bikes available for hire and will only be an extra £2 on top to encourage participation. Anyone wishing to hire a bike will have to notify me in advance so that I can ensure there are sufficient bikes available (50/52/54/56 and 1×58 cm) bikes. Fitted with Look Keo pedals but these may be changed. Riders hiring bikes must arrive early enough to ensure that they can get their hire bike set up in time to start at 6.30 sharp.

    Riders should have reasonable bike riding experience but not necessarily fixed wheel or track. These are not sessions for complete novices and will include an element of fitness training by default. Whilst not forming part of any accreditation system for track racing these sessions will complement accreditation and track league at the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome.

    Clearly the sessions are weather permitting, follow @DJCC_Coach on Twitter for info and notifications on the sessions and sometimes other info, stuff and nonsense.

    Any questions contact me by email or text
    07838 541511




    Got an email out to the club members, sounds great. Think I would get anything from it John?

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    Sorry for delay in replying. Yes, there’s something for all riders, tactics/ technique/ and given the lack of much stopping for a rest, fitness training. Tonight was a good session, assessment of new riders, basic fixed gear bike handling and basic observation and group riding skills.
    Next week we hit the ground running, straight into Scratch race scenarios. Standard of riding very good and if split into 2 groups will ensure that pace high relative to capability of the groups.

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