Sunday road run

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    Mike M

    Not going to post these every week, but these will be regular from Zoar in Forfar at 9am.
    These will be mixed ability for the next few weeks, c/w cafe stop.
    Will advise if this info changes or looking like nobody out.


    So long as “mixed ability” extends down to my level, I’m up for this. Last Sunday’s run was grand, Mike, and I’m confident that you’ll be organising the same superb weather over the next few weeks.

    Is there any way we can hook up with anyone going out from Arbroath on Sunday mornings, or should we all just aim to  meet up at the Zoar?

    Mark Smith

    If there is a group going out from Arbroath then there is no reason why we can’t head that direction to meet up. But I would say meet at the zoar and as long as details that the Arbroath run is on are posted up then we can arrange to meet up.

    I know in the past we have headed to Abroath area and nobody was there! Plus if we head that direction means we wont get a beasting round prosen!

    Mike M

    Alex – nae promises with the weather ­čÖé


    It’s looking like there may be a run from Arbroath on Sunday 4th but still likely to be leaving about 1000 am. I’ll speak to Steve about any other riders. It’s still likely to┬árun┬á at a zone┬á2 sort of pace┬áto encourage new riders and novices though. Perhaps we could do opposite loops of a circuit? Too hard to co-ordinate? Thoughts?

    PS Submit button still missing from ipad. It appears momentarily if I log out then back in. WordPress says there is an update available and to notify site admin. Mark can you update it? Maybe that will fix any bugs?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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