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    There’s been a lot of interest in this event already: we are now up to 30 entries, half the original maximum. It’s great to see a healthy number of ABCCC members entering, and there’s also a good response from the Dundee clubs. We’ve managed to increase the limit to 80 riders, but we expect a surge once people see on The Adventure Show how much Dougie Vipond enjoyed it earlier this year! So, get your entry in soon if you want to do it: I don’t want to have to turn away any local last-minute entries.

    We will be putting out up to date info a few weeks before the event, but you can access the routesheet and a map of the course on the AUK website  here:    If anyone has any questions meanwhile, feel free to get in touch. Our email address is also on the AUK website.

    We’re not running the Potter for Tea on the same day next year, but we might put it on later in the season if there’s enough demand.


    Mike M

    Hi Alex – depending on a date, i’d be keen to do the Potter as well, thats if i’ve recovered from the Snow Roads  🙄


    Right, see what you’ve all signed up for! This year’s (2012) Snow Roads will be shown on The Adventure Show, on Sunday, 18 November.
    Hills, crashes, pain, cafés, more hills, pensioners on a tandem, bridies.

    Don’t miss it – It’s got it all.


    Will get my emtry in this week hopefully just need to look out my audaxuk stuff 😀


    Excellent Colin. Hope you are recovering?

    Don’t leave it too long though. We already have 80 entries and that’s before the Dougie Vipond Painfest is shown on the telly.

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