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    Is there any appetite for a group bike fit?
    I had a RETUL 3D dynamic bike fit at Velocity 44 in Stirling at the weekend. The pre and post fit information is excellent. A service they offer is a discounted group/ club fitting day (50% discount for youth riders) 20% discount for adults. 8 – 10 riders. It’s not just for racing and not just for road bikes either.

    This is a system that BC use to tune bike fit for programme riders. Paul from Velocity 44 will bring the whole Retul kit to us, riders pay the shop up front, no pay on the day. I can access a room for free at Caird Park and the session could be joint with DJCC.

    There may even be scope for a club subsidy?

    Thoughts? Anyone reading this feel free to copy and post elsewhere.

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