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    We desperately need a few more volunteers to help us look after all the nutters doing the Snow Roads on 25 May. This is the 6th year of running the event and it has grown from a field of just over 30 to more than 120 this time, more than we can manage with the usual resources.

    Basically serving food, clearing tables and providing therapy and counselling as needed.

    Our busy times are 7-11 on Friday evening; 5-6am, and 7- 11pm Saturday.

    We will also need to provide some cover overnight on Friday and Saturday, so if there are any insomniacs out there, that would be great: probably two shifts of 3 hours on Friday night (11pm -2am and 2am- 5am): Saturday night just four hours from 2am to 6am.

    The event HQ is at Northmuir Hall in Kirrie. We could also do with one or two more to help John Fife at the Braemar control on Saturday afternoon & evening.

    We will happily pay your travel expenses, and feed you while you’re there.

    If you, or any friends or relatives, can help us, even for a just a couple of hours, any time between Friday evening (24th) and Sunday morning (26th) -, please get in touch. Thanks, Alex & Allison.


    Hi Alex. I should be able to manage Friday night. Not Saturday though, coaching Saturday morning and there’s no way I’ll be up that early on a day off. Down at Glasgow velodrome first thing Sunday so out for late Saturday night as well.


    Thanks John, and everyone else who offered to help on Friday, we are now ok  for help then. But we are struggling a bit for Saturday evening, so if anyone can manage, even if it’s just for an hour or two, especially between about 7 and 11, that would be great.  Cheers.



    No worries. I’ll no manage Saturday. Will be sorting session plan and sampling red wine.

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