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    John Fyfe has handed over a couple of bags of the old design club clothing and the majority of the committee (those who responded) have agreed that it can be sold/ at a bargain basket price as it is really now of little use to the club but it is still very capable of being training kit.

    The tops and shorts are offered at £5 an item except the downhill style/ MTB tops which are FREE to any home, good or bad. If they are still left over look out for some Somalia or Ethiopian kids wearing them playing football next time the Beeb is reporting on something from those areas.

    The list is as follows

    TOPS – all short sleeve, half zip TAL branded unless otherwise stated (Endura before they moved to Endura branding)
    1 x XS, 4 x S (perfect for any ladies), 3 x M, 1 x L (branded Endura), 3 x XL
    1 x S Retro original Carnoustie CC design lycra SS top (free)

    SHORTS (mixture of TAL coolmax / Endura lycra)
    5 x M lycra bibshorts branded Endura with orange/ blue pad
    3 x M TAL coolmax bibshorts with grey Cytech pad
    1 x M TAL coolmax bibshorts with blue Cytech pad
    2 x XL TAL coolmax bibshorts with blue Cytech pad
    1 x L Endura Pro Triathlon non bib shorts (perfect for the beach! – tie waist/ coin pocket)
    1 x XS TAL coolmax ladies non bib shorts (pink 600 pad)
    1 x M Endura lycra ladies non bib shorts (pink 600 pad)

    For those unfamiliar with the fabrics, coolmax is a little thicker and has a more matt finish. In my opinion a better fabric than lycra. Sixe 3 or Medium is what fits me (180cm, 72kg) if you need a guide.

    Size information from Endura site at the link below (read beyond the sizing tables)

    Anyone interested in taking the kit (some of it has gone already) please email me johnbremner@btinternet.com. I’ll not get any messages on facebook.

    Further I have new style tops that were ordered for NEIL RAITT, JOHN DOUGHERTY and IAN McINTOSH (plus a pair of bibshorts). If you guys still want this kit let me know asap (or someone get a message to them). Otherwise I will soon have 3 SS tops and 1 pair of M bibshorts in the new design that will be offered for sale to new members.

    Any questions just ask.


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    I’ll get an email out to the club members on the above for you John.. spur them along…


    Fyfie’s clearly got his new internet connection sorted out quick.

    He’s been in touch to tell me that the bag with the top and shorts is for Euan McArthur, not Ian Mcintosh. My mistake.
    Can someone tell Euan to get in touch please?

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