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    I’ve a small stock of new design club kit for sale if anyone is after something to get them started.

    Club cut short sleeve top medium – £43.75
    Club cut short sleeve top large – £43.75
    Bibshorts (endurance Chamois) medium – £65.00
    Bibshorts (endurance chamois) large – £65.00

    Also I ordered a Race cut short sleeve top in medium and bibshorts (endurance chamois) in medium for a club member who has said they would buy them but so far haven’t as they are well happy using a borrowed top and gilet rather than return them to the rightful owner. Poor show.
    These items (not the borrowed ones!) are also likely to be available although the top may go to the member who’s own is out on loan and possibly now well worn in!

    If you want a top or shorts get in touch.



    I’m about to set up an ordering window (4 weeks) for those of you out there who want new kit. The proofs are all listed, although you’ll need to have a rummage through them for the all black 100% Angus shorts/ 3/4’s and longs.
    If you need anything else that is not there get in touch and I’ll see what Champ Sys can do within the 4 week timescale.

    In stock for immediate delivery at 2013 prices I still have

    Club cut short sleeve top medium – £43.75
    Bibshorts – Red/Black design (endurance Chamois) medium – £65.00
    Bibshorts – Red/Black design (endurance chamois) large – £65.00

    Let me know if there is interest in these.

    I don’t plan to order any spare stock to hold. Miss out or pass on this occasion and it’ll be 6 – 8 months before another window opens. Now’s the time to get your winter kit order in early?



    Peter, Can you post this elsewhere for me please?

    Apologies about the pricing per item, it seems there is VAT and an individual delivery charge per item that ultimately adds 25% to the listed price.


    Ok, the latest club clothing order is here.

    I will email everyone concerned using the email address used to order from CS Direct. Let me know the best way to get the kit to you.

    Options? Pick up from Caird park of a Thursday evening this month, uplift from Steve’s shop in Arbroath or make contact with me to arrange a meet.

    Most of the items listed in the first post are still available for anyone who missed this latest order window. I know one or two have said they would like bits and pieces but I do need to know how I can get the item to you and exchange for some notes sterling. I have had ‘can I have..?’ emails and then silence. Difficult to know the next step.

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