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    At the latest club meeting, 3 “concepts” were forwarded and it was decided that the favoured new club kit should be a combination of the Angus Bull and the Angus Pictish concepts. 

    From speaking to Peter, Ailsa thinks that a “joint” concept design is not going to work,  as they are totally different concepts and would result in a bit of a “mish mash” final design. 

    So, what do you think we should do?  Should the 2 concepts be put to a vote on the forum so that al members get a say, or should we go with the consensus from the meeting (which was that the Angus Bull concept was favoured)

    I think it only fair that before Ailsa commits any more of her time to the final design she has the full backing of the club.

    The order will not be submitted til the tail end of the year so there is some time to discuss it, although I do not want too much faffing aboot.  (I have spoken to Champion Systems – who were given the “ok” at the meeting in terms of quality, price, service and delivery at the meeting) and the current delivery time from confirmation of order is 5 weeks, but that may change depending on when we order.

    I suppose it’s Ailsa’s fault really for coming up with such great concepts 🙂 


    Mark Smith

    Fine with the bull design John, although something needs to be on the back of the jersey to identify who we are in my opinion. This now we have the logo so something like that I guess.

    Mike M

    Couple of thoughts since the meeting.

    1) I still think the bull is great, but will people think of ‘Aberdeen Angus’ instead of just ‘Angus’?

    2) Personally, I still think the visual impact of the Bull is lost a bit on the front of the top. If you have a look at the few photo’s that are on the gallery, none of them would really show the ‘bull’, however if it were on the back……….?

    I know this doesn’t help with your question John – sorry!


    To be honest, I didn’t get the “bull” connection with Angus but, being a Fifer, what would I know? I much prefer the “Celtic” trefoil design: it’s already associated with Angus and is quite classy in my view. But I agree that, if we do have to have the bull, it would have more impact on the back.

    Did we discuss colour? I seem to recall that, at some earlier point, there was a desire to go for a brighter red than we have at present (or burnt orange???).

    Mark Smith

    In addition to Mike’s point.

    1) Could well do considering the Aberdeen FC mascot is Angus the Bull!

    2) I do agree if the bull isn’t to be on the back something recognisable needs to be. Especially when racing or doing events you only really see the back of peoples tops. You only see the front when your standing (podium, before race, etc) but most photos see you hunched over on the bike (so can barely see fron) or from behind.

    Again this doesn’t help with the original question either! 😀


    Thanks for the replies.  Ailsa will work on the design and then feedback, so nothing will be done til there is agreement reached.   So keep your thoughts coming…


    Update: Ailsa and I have exchanged e-mails and she has taken onboard feedback from the meeting and comments on this thread, and come up with a couple of ideas on variations of the bull design to incorporate the Pictish theme. She is particularly interested in one idea which she thinks will have the same impact
    as the bull but which is “more classy” and the bull will still be in the design.

    Ailsa hopes to have something by way of a design (rather than a concept) by the end of October, which gives us loads of time to then get the new kit design sent off to the supplier, get their artwork approved, get sizing samples and get an order submitted for next year. Current order to deliver time with Champion is 5 weeks.


    Thanks for the update John. Looking forward to the latest design. I suggest a couple of options and then a majority vote. Anything one design that tries to please everybody runs the risk of ending up lookin confused and crappy.


    Ailsa is aiming to have something to view at the AGM, so top secret I’ve not even seen the drawings…

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