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    Peter Clark the local Regional Development Officer for SC has approached local Dundee area clubs to look for willing volunteer clubs and organisers to put together a series of 4 small midweek road races next summer. The distance would be 35 – 40 miles, maybe a couple for 3rd and 4th cats, plus a couple for all cats. These local races would likely not attract big fields but would be a good starting point for local riders who fancy trying road racing. Aberdeen started something like this last year and now are looking to put on 8 races in 2013.

    What are your thoughts on our ability to run such a race? I’m willing to organise if we can guarantee enough helpers to run on the day. It’s likely though that this will not be a money earner for the club but a break even event as a local development opportunity. Potential courses could be around Carmyllie or near Kingsmuir finishing up Dunnichen and only a handful of marshalls would be needed. One of the other events could even be one of the midweek league events? Another could even be designated as the club road race? There would be no need to then hold our own members only closed races that as we have debated over the years, are finding participation levels dropping away.


    Mark Smith

    I think it is a good idea, however (there is always a however!) I can see more effort being put into this than the actual midweek league!

    I think our ability to run a race is already justified 😆  and it will no doubt go very well, however I feel that you would be lumbered with it again John?

    To summarise my thoughts, I think it is a good idea, but I don’t think the effort (mainly the organiser) put in will show once it has finished. And also with the business hat on its a break even event at that. As for the club road race, although it may well be a better race holding it with others it will not help the overall ‘club feel’ at the moment. I am not saying that our own club road race will do that but if there are enough people going to it, it can be a good laugh. I for one would be a bit put off if the club road race was part of a bigger race, just like I suppose if the club MTB race was part of a bigger MTB race it wouldn’t suit everyone.  Sorry for sounding negative…




    It sounds like a great idea to me – apologies to Mark for sounding positive 😆

    My view is that, as a club, we should be doing more to attract people to cycling and the club, and whilst these events may begin with few local riders taking part it should have the knock-on benefit of increasing the profile of the club locally – which is something that was highlighted as something which required attention at the more recent meetings.  As for it not being a money spinner and “just” breaking even, the club is not a profit making business, and I’d be happy enough to break even and looking towards the potential benefit to the club beyond money. 

    As regards it being part of the midweek league or the club road race, you cannae please everyone all the time, and decisions should be based on what is best for the club.  I dinnae compete in the road race nor do I take the midweek league ‘seriously’ and use it as a “jolly” to try out things I normally would not do. 

    So in summary JB – you do the organising and I’ll gladly stand aboot wi’ a big yellow jaikit on  😎

    Mike M

    My tuppence worth!
    ABC members need to decide what they want?

    Are we a cycling club who ride together socially, organise various events as a club with individuals ‘doing their own thing regarding racing’?
    Are we a cycling club who want to train to race?

    My basis for this?
    The ABC road race (if it was to go ahead) was going to have more people ‘helping’ than competing!
    The 2013 midweek league thread has had very little response (I’m not organising a series for 6 people!) and previous midweek leagues that I’ve been involved in are never fully supported throughout the series!

    I personally now think we are a group of cyclist who are keen to ride together (in various groups/levels) but think that we should forget about our own races! The various levels/abilities that the club is trying to cater for is to diverse?

    Maybe the club members who don’t comment on this forum need to speak up?


    Cheers Mike I think this sums up nicely what a cycling club should be about. No one single focus, a bit of this a bit of that, train to race, train to just get a bit fitter and put in a decent account of yourself, ride for health and enjoying the bike for what it is, get out and ride together, get out and ride on yer own generally ride your bike and really do what you enjoy doing on it or them. I wouldn’t like to think that too many of us want a single focus to our club or become a leisure and social only group and a bit of diversity is healthy and should be encouraged.  If that means doing your own thing when it comes to competing, that’s down to wanting to take part in an event and participate under the club name. Entering events of choice is generally down to the quality and challenge of that event and I’m afraid I personally don’t get that with the small closed club events that are effectively just club runs+ but am happy to help and support those that do enjoy them.

    Anyway, to close this thread, I’m willing to consider organising a local RR for local riders under the DJCC banner as part of that clubs mission is to encourage and promote racing and providing opportunities for more than just riders within that one club. Hope to see some that want to train to race there.


    Seems a good a idea, chance to try out road racing at an entry level. More than willing to lend my support.


    sounds good to me, i would like to try a few road races next year…one of a few cycling events i have not done. If am not going to be racing then i would help out.

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