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    In an attempt to rationalise threads for midweek and weekend runs from Arbroath, over the past few weeks and months these runs seem to have evolved into

    1. Monday 6.30pm from the Saltire Sports Centre, Montrose Road. Steady ride, suitable for fixed/ single speed
    2. Wednesday 6.30pm, from the Saltire Centre, 2 groups fast group and steady group. Starting on essentially same route then splitting at an agreed and identified point.
    and a new addition
    3. Friday 6.30pm from Arbroath Sports Centre/ High School Keptie Road – off road run suitable for mtb and CX bike (because there’s not that many challenging off road routes nearby).
    All in the region of 2 hours, lights still needed for now.

    These runs also in addition to the established Sunday run from Arbroath Sports Centre / High School at 10am. I’m proposing two groups for this run as well, again both starting together then splitting at an agreed point. 2 hours+ 15mph average for steady run, 3 hours+ 18mph+ for faster run.



    Think we appear to have a run from Forfar also in various groups, and also myself with a few others occasionally from Dundee!

    Arbroath is unfortunately a bit far for me to start the ride.


    Aye, we do need to get them all together from time to time, maybe once a month on a Sunday?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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