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    After chatting with Steve today about how the Wednesday run is pretty well supported and following tonights meeting with SC about trying to increase local training events, is there any appetite out there for a midweek APR style training run from Carmyllie Hall? Groups set off at semi calculated intervals for a couple of laps of the Redford/ Westhills/ B9128/ Crombie X Roads loop? I think it’s about 9 miles round? Easy to navigate, no need to marshal and nice wide junctions on the B9128.

    I’m not looking at at anything too big or complicated, maybe 12 to 15 club members in three or 4 max ability groups, going off at intervals, chasing the group in front or trying to remain ahead of the group behind. No prizes, just some training and riding in small groups that makes it a little safer.

    Peter was looking at some midweek short TT’s as well. Perhaps this could be the start of something regular? It’s not a midweek league just some training get togethers for club members or prospective club members? Who know’s maybe we could teach some of the Monifieth Triathletes how to go round a corner fast?

    Carmyllie hall Wednesday 17th June for 7pm. Happy to run this and it’s a nice warm up to Mike Milne’s event on Friday 27th?



    David Sutton

    Hi John : 17th is a Tuesday. If it son 17th, then I’d be happy to give it a go. I’m heading back from Sheffield that day, but should be back. Can’t manage the 18th tho’




    Bloody hell! Alzheimers creeps up on you.

    Lets make it Tuesday 17th so you can take part David.

    On the plus side, at least I don’t have Alzheimers.

    Mike M

    Having them on a Tuesday is maybe a better shout anyway, that way it won’t affect the current Wednesday night rides?


    Ref this APR it seems that the Tuesday date clashes with the Wheelers TT which I’m lead to believe will take place on the A92 dual carriageway between Dobbies roundabout to Muirdrum and back.

    This is supposed to be a fast course and there may be club members taking part.

    Perhaps I should postpone the first APR until the following week?

    David Sutton

    Happy to do either date John.


    Okay doke. So as there is no clash with the Wheelers 10TT, I’ll look to run this wee club APR on Tuesday 24th June. 7pm at Carmyllie Hall.


    Thanks to the 12 who turned out for this and I hope you all got something out of it. 4 groups of 3 at various intervals 11 minutes between groups 1 and 4. That will have to be increased next week! Group 4 worked particularly well together averaging 24.7 mph – the making of a TTT Team?

    First back (group)
    Colin Murray (4)
    Euan Ritchie (4)
    David Millar (4)
    David Sutton (1)
    Euan McArthur (2)
    John Smith (3)
    Steph Delaney (3)
    Gus Welsh (3)
    Malcolm Ritchie (2)
    Moragh Taylor (1)
    Dougie Mudie (2)
    Joe Thompson (1) 1:03:08 so an average of 17.1 mph. Getting faster Joe!

    Looking at something similar next week, same time and place, different route but now I’ve got a better idea of the pace expect an even closer finish.


    David Sutton

    Thanks for organising tonight’s APR John. I really enjoyed it!


    Yeah me too John!!! Thanks, aye I am getting faster but need to work harder though to get where I want to be John, thanks again mate 😀

    Mike M

    JB – can you confirm that you’ll be doing this again next week (1st July) 7pm at Carmylie Hall?
    I’ll mention it on Friday night if it is.


    Yes, yes. See above, similar, same time and place. Different route.


    On again tomorrow night, 7pm, Carmyllie Hall. 16 miles this time, 2 loops of 8 mile course.

    Open to suggestions for other suitable sporting courses. Centrally located. Ish.


    7 this week due to other things being on to do with the Triathlon (see rule #42 please)

    2 groups over the 2 laps (16 miles)

    First back and group
    Euan McArthur (1) & David Sutton (1) in 49:44
    Mike Milne (2) in 51:25 – 8 mins = 43:25
    Andy Kindness (2) s.t.
    Euan Ritchie (2) s.t.
    Moragh Taylor (1) in 53:06
    Dougie Mudie (1) s.t.

    Another good effort by all in windier conditions than last week.

    Nothing on next week due to the 10TT on the A92. On again Thursday 15th subject to work commitments.


    Tuesday 15th July, another wee APR at Carmyllie, 7pm start for members and guests.
    Figure of 8 course based on the past 2 we’ve used.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 27 total)
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