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    Anyone out there interested in supporting a Dundee Centre clubs group looking to get a session on the Glasgow Velodrome? If there is sufficient demand, it’s something that might be subsidised by the Centre.

    Your own bike is ideal but hire bikes are available (Look Keo pedals).  SC are offering up Sunday morning 3 hour sessions through the winter (9 to 12) to clubs outside of Glasgow and the central belt and whilst there is unlikely to be sufficient interest from ABC CC alone, all the local clubs getting together certainly could have a decent number. Costs not specified but it’s no gonna be free.

    Initially, post your interest here and we’ll see what happens elsewhere on getting a composite group together.


    I’d be up for it.  Pity I sold my track bike the week before the tax man gave me a rebate that would have covered me not having to sell it!!  But I’ll go with the hire option…

    Neil R

    Post script. 5 club  members joined a session run by discovery on Sunday 21st. The velodrome’s a fantastic facility. Recommend it to anyone. Further trips planned

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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