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    Is there any appetite for a club track champs? I’m happy to run something at Caird Park of a Thursday night this month or early September (under the lights) if there is sufficient interest to make it worthwhile.

    Possibly Male and Female Champs, using the format as used previously

    400 flying TT
    800m sprint (I think) using the 400TT times as qualifying and run as 1 lap sprint rounds QF/SF/ 2 lap Finals.
    Scratch race, not necessarily in this order.

    Track bikes available (subject to limited adult sizing) for a small rental of £2. The club can make a donation for the track hire.

    If there is interest, email me direct.

    Peter also posting on FB and sending out an email.


    OK, decision time. I’ll run the club track champs this Thursday, 21st August seeing as I’m missing the APR on Tuesday. 6.30pm SHARP start for the first event. I’ll be at the track from the back of 5 to sort out anyone who needs a bike.

    Arrive early if you need a warm up.

    Programme (hoping for 10/ 15 mins available rest between races!)

    1. 400m Flying TT (1 lap) Ladies first, then men
    2. Sprint round 1 (1 lap) Ladies, then men
    3. Scratch (12 laps (12 laps/ 3km for ladies, 20 laps / 5km for men),
    4. Sprint Rd 2 or Q/F (1 laps) ladies then men. May be finals for ladies. 2 laps if it is.
    5. Sprint S/F
    6. 800m handicap – non championship event for those not contesting sprint finals
    7. Sprint Finals (2 laps)
    8. If time permits – Keirin for ladies then men (non championship events)

    Clearly the number of sprint rounds depends on numbers there. get the three line whip out and convince as many as possible to give it a go.

    If the weather is not on our side I’ll postpone till the 28th. Weather/ event updates via twitter only @DJCC_Coach





    Keep an eye on the weather. Looking somewhat wet. Update on twitter about 4/ 4.30.



    Unable to run this postponed event on the 28th and the forecast looks rubbish for tomorrow anyway.

    The next date I can do this is Thursday 11th September 6PM start and likely finish under the track floodlights.

    Can someone please publicise elsewhere please?

    Mike M

    Sorry, I won’t manage that date


    The track champs ran tonight despite there being a disappointingly low turnout of members.

    Winners were
    Men – Luis Coutinho, Runner up – Simon Arnott
    Women – Anna Fairweather (nee Harris), Runner up – Kaye Banks.

    Ok, Luis and Anna were the bookies favourites to pick up the titles against relative track novices but a bit more opposition would have made things more interesting for everybody. Well done to all who raced, especially Kaye willing to give it a go and then do some motorbike pacing.

    After the low turnout of members for Peter’s TT last week and this event tonight, perhaps seeking to dust off some trophies is not the way to go?

    Mike M

    In my opinion JB, dates need to be set ‘well in advance’ and this information out to everyone.
    Unfortunately for the track event the date was moved a few times (through circumstances outwith anyone’s control).
    I’m not sure who else reads this forum but it will be very limited numbers! Peter did post a reminder about it on FB, but this was the night before the rescheduled event – none of this will have helped re numbers (in my opinion).
    I thought the midweek events (Peters & yours) were pretty well attended throughout the weeks that they were on (compared with previous years!), and thanks from me to both of you for doing these.


    Aye, true it was a bit last minute on the back of the flush of success of the APR’s then hit by the weather. I’ll try again for the last time next year. Put the date on Facebook and in your phones.

    Thursday 13th August 2015. Caird park 6.30pm start. I’ll table a motion at the AGM to amend the events in the club constitution to

    1. Flying 400TT
    2. Scratch Race (5km for men, 3km for women)
    3. 800m handicap based on 400TT times (1 for men, 1 for women).
    4. Elimination Race (all together but separate results for men and women unless numbers allow the 2 races)

    That gives two Endurance events, 2 sprint distance events, something for all to go for with the handicap.

    Omnium scoring, 1pt for 1st, 2 for 2nd and so on. Winner is the rider with the lowest points after 4 events.

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