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    I’ve set up the Direct kit ordering with Champion System and have opened an ordering window from today. This ordering window closes on FRIDAY 18 OCTOBER 2013. Thereafter it takes 6 to 8 weeks for the kit to be manufactured and delivered. No item is processed for manufacture until after this window closes and there is a minimum order of 10 units of any mix main items (NOT Caps), so not too big a minimum required. If this is not reached no order is processed.

    All the proofs that John Fyfe had set up are there, some tabs may look to be the same item but there are differences so check through them all before ordering any kit. It seems pretty straightforward. The kit will be delivered to one central contact and I’ve set it up so this is the Angus Bike Chain shop in Arbroath as I’m never at home midweek during the day.

    I have asked Peter Flick to email round the CS Direct User Guide but summarise it as follows:
    Club members log in to the web page below using the master login below. The first time they log in they will be taken to a web page which requires them to create their own unique sub-account (login) within Angus Bike Chain’s main account. They can then proceed to ordering kit with their new sub-login.

    On Left Hand side of screen (RETURNING CUSTOMERS) input the Master Login:

    UserName: anguskit
    Password: angus2013
    These login details are only used once by an individual when they set up their own sub-login. Thereafter log in with their own.

    It is imperative that anyone wanting kit orders before this window closes as nothing can be added afterwards.
    Any questions, just ask.



    Window extended to 28 October 2013 (midnight Taiwan time – 7 hours ahead of the UK) as there were a small number of orders saved but not completed.
    I’ve also asked for all black designs for all the legwear (not skinsuits) as an additional design within each proof. 2 shorts options will show in each proof, make sure that you select the correct proof depending on whether you want all black or with the red panel.
    Anyone wishing to change shorts design can do so by emailing me and I’ll arrange with Champ Sys.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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