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Strength Session 1

Same warm up, for main session set resistance high (50 – 75% of what’s available)

All seated (although you can alternate seated and out of the saddle for the hard gear efforts)

3 mins big ring/ smallest sprocket, cadence 50 – 60 rpm
2 mins 2 gears easier, cadence 70 – 75 rpm
1 min 1 gear harder, cadence 60 – 70 rpm, accelerate last 10 seconds
3 mins small ring, easy gear, low resistance recovery.
repeat a further 3 or 4 times, cool down.

There are multiple variations on this, seated, standing, altering the timings. The main focus is on leg strength not CV/ heart rate/ high cadence/ power/ or the like. The legs should feel like they are burning by the end of the main block.
Focus on smooth pedalling in circles, not stomping up and down and rocking head and shoulders. Use the glutes rather than focus on the quads.