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Another variation of No 2 in the post above is to start in 1 gear harder than No 2 (big ring x 14/13T) then for the final minute of each effort period go 2 gears easier and increase cadence by 10 to 15 rpm (not a sprint simply an increase over 5 seconds or so and hold to end of minute. For this one increase recovery period if your HR does not drop down sufficiently to feel like a recovery.

For subsequent efforts drop 2 gets easier and increase cadence in final minute each time. Always finish with at least 10 mins cool down and some stretches

Depending on your individual ability and fitness you can also reduce the effort times by a minute each too/ or start lower and do a couple extra. As always, have an component of fitness you want to work on and a goal you want to achieve (% of time above threshold/ 60 or 75 mins session etc) Vary it up.

More power and speed to follow in due course.