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Strength Up and Over the Top 1
Same warm up, this one has periods out of the saddle, balanced over the centre of the bike, hands light on the hoods, dancing on the pedals.

6 mins in 3rd hardest gear (resistance up to 75%). Every 30 secs or so stand for 30 to 45 secs. In last 15 secs, stand, accelerate, get on top of gear and sit down to push over the top. cadence mainly in the 60 to 70rpm range, increase to 85 – 95 in the final acceleration.
3 mins easy gear recovery
Repeat above effort for 5 mins in same gear, accelerate final 25 seconds
3 mins recovery
Repeat above effort in 2nd hardest gear for 4 mins, 2 mins recovery.
Repeat 5 mins effort in 2nd hardest gear, standing for 60 secs x 2, accelerate final 15 secs
3 mins recovery
Repeat 6 mins effort in 3rd hardest gear, standing for 90 secs x 2, accelerate final 15 secs

10 mins cool down.

Again there are multiple variations on this, as long as the main focus in on ‘climbing’ and leg strength. Even consider raising the front wheel higher than the horizontal to simulate a slope.