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This weeks speed session

Simulated Team Pursuit/ Team Time Trial

this session is a speed focus (leg speed), resistance and gear lower to encourage a very high cadence. This is not a power workout although it could be, done in a harder gear with some resistance on.

Usual 15 mins warm up then in a reasonably easy gear that you can turn at high cadence (small ring/ middle of the block or big ring near the top) resistance at 0 or 1)

On the drops, from a very slow start pedal hard and at a high cadence (130 – 150rpm) for 20 seconds, reduce cadence to 110+ rpm for 40 seconds (no resting) repeat 20 secs fast/ 40 secs not so fast three more times
Rest / recover for 2 minutes and repeat above. Rest 2 mins then repeat 20/ 40 5 times in total. 3 mins rest, 20/40 5 times agin, 3 mins rest, 20/40 4 times and cool down.

This is not as easy as it may first appear as you must be pedalling at a very high cadence and keeping rest/ recovery short.

If the 20/ 40 is a little too tough the session can be adapted to 15 secs at very high cadence/ 45 secs at high cadence and repeated 3 or 4 times rather than 4 or 5 times.

Speed is the key – leg speed not back wheel speed.