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Lactate Shuttle session

Intended to build up lactic acid in the legs then back off intensity just a little bit to train body to use lactic acid elsewhere. It’s similar to training just above and just below the lactate threshold to seek to raise it for a given HR or power output

Usual 15 mins warm up, possible even 20 mins for this one (1 gear harder for 8 mins, 2 mins easy then 3 x 6 sec rev outs 1 min apart, 2 mins easy)

Big ring 14 or 15T sprocket, resistance low/medium (2 or 3/10?)
On fast cadence effort aim for 115 +/- 5 rpm, lower cadence effort 2 gears easier at 90rpm +/-5 rpm

30 secs fast/ 1 or 2 gets easier 30 secs slower, 1 or 2 gears harder and;
45 secs fast / 45 secs slower
60 secs fast/ 60 secs slower
90 secs fast / 90 secs slower
2 mins fast,
2 mins 30 secs recovery in an easy gear, low cadence.

Always fast in the harder gear, slower in the 1 or 2 gears easier.

Repeat above but adjust gearing to start 1 gear easier, still adjusting cadence 30/30, 45/45 etc

Repeat above 30/30, 45/45 etc in original starting gear again

Cool down 10 mins.

If you feel that you can add in another set then you’ve not been working hard enough or are a machine!