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Attacking Intervals / Race Winning Efforts

If anyone wants to repeat this one, it’s a good one for effort/ partial recovery/ effort

Usual 15 minute warm up

The in reasonably big gear (race gear +1?) Resistance 1/3rd

30 seconds all out attack effort (out of saddle then seated when on top of gear), high cadence
1 gear easier for 3 mins 20, cadence 95-100rpm, then 1 gear harder and flat out ‘sprint for the line’ in final 10 secs.
3 mins easy gear recovery.

The above is repeated 4 more times, then cool down

This session can be altered or progressed in subsequent sessions by adding or removing a minute in the sets to vary length of effort. Recovery can be adjusted up and down as appropriate (1 or 2 minutes less than work set). Increase final sprint to 15 seconds. Max 6 sets. If you can do more you have not been working hard enough.


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