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Massive thanks to the members and friends/ partners you who turned out to help at the Nick Hardy Memorial Race today. Your help was vital. It was a tough day for the riders but equally tough for the marshals standing out in that horrendous wind. Without your willingness to turn out and assist the club would not be able to run such a popular event.

In recent years I’ve thought, this should be my last time organising, especially when work is piling on more daily crap than I would like, but when I meet and speak to Mr and Mrs Hardy and then watch then with the racers and see their reaction to the event I know that’s not going to happen and why the club members in the past put the race on and have run it every year since 1993. I know that very few of us left in the club now knew Nick (I didn’t) and posting here is only going to reach a very limited audience but I was close to cancelling due to a shortage of marshals and helpers a couple weeks back. In order to keep this important race going and growing the club needs more members to be willing to turn out to make life just that little bit easier for those that do. It’s not that much of a frequent occurrence although I appreciate it’s feels almost monthly since December but you can have some time to yourself now.

Unless you would like to help out at the Dundee round of the British Cycling Youth Track Omnium Series on 17 May? Just asking.