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Cheers Mike I think this sums up nicely what a cycling club should be about. No one single focus, a bit of this a bit of that, train to race, train to just get a bit fitter and put in a decent account of yourself, ride for health and enjoying the bike for what it is, get out and ride together, get out and ride on yer own generally ride your bike and really do what you enjoy doing on it or them. I wouldn’t like to think that too many of us want a single focus to our club or become a leisure and social only group and a bit of diversity is healthy and should be encouraged.  If that means doing your own thing when it comes to competing, that’s down to wanting to take part in an event and participate under the club name. Entering events of choice is generally down to the quality and challenge of that event and I’m afraid I personally don’t get that with the small closed club events that are effectively just club runs+ but am happy to help and support those that do enjoy them.

Anyway, to close this thread, I’m willing to consider organising a local RR for local riders under the DJCC banner as part of that clubs mission is to encourage and promote racing and providing opportunities for more than just riders within that one club. Hope to see some that want to train to race there.