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Mike M

My tuppence worth!
ABC members need to decide what they want?

Are we a cycling club who ride together socially, organise various events as a club with individuals ‘doing their own thing regarding racing’?
Are we a cycling club who want to train to race?

My basis for this?
The ABC road race (if it was to go ahead) was going to have more people ‘helping’ than competing!
The 2013 midweek league thread has had very little response (I’m not organising a series for 6 people!) and previous midweek leagues that I’ve been involved in are never fully supported throughout the series!

I personally now think we are a group of cyclist who are keen to ride together (in various groups/levels) but think that we should forget about our own races! The various levels/abilities that the club is trying to cater for is to diverse?

Maybe the club members who don’t comment on this forum need to speak up?