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It sounds like a great idea to me – apologies to Mark for sounding positive 😆

My view is that, as a club, we should be doing more to attract people to cycling and the club, and whilst these events may begin with few local riders taking part it should have the knock-on benefit of increasing the profile of the club locally – which is something that was highlighted as something which required attention at the more recent meetings.  As for it not being a money spinner and “just” breaking even, the club is not a profit making business, and I’d be happy enough to break even and looking towards the potential benefit to the club beyond money. 

As regards it being part of the midweek league or the club road race, you cannae please everyone all the time, and decisions should be based on what is best for the club.  I dinnae compete in the road race nor do I take the midweek league ‘seriously’ and use it as a “jolly” to try out things I normally would not do. 

So in summary JB – you do the organising and I’ll gladly stand aboot wi’ a big yellow jaikit on  😎