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Just back from hols and although I had the ipad and could follow the forum the submit button has gone again (another iOS6 issue?). Agree that there seems to be little posting going on but I think there are still some teething issues and the forum could be more user friendly. It could/ should be much easier to check on particular threads and posts but for some reason the way ours is set up is not like other wordpress based forums (Monifieth Tri Club is the nearest similarity as Chris Kennedy set that one up too). To be fair though that club has a way bigger membership and their forum activity is less than we have had in recent weeks. Ours lacks an ‘Unread Posts Since Last Visit’ function and the posts that are there could be better presented and not need so many clicks and pages to get into them. As for the home page it says ‘Recent Posts’ but it shows the same 5. Can it be amended/ upgraded? Defo need to push signing up and getting things promoted Duathlon? Eventfull says it’s up and running (also full up) but not a word or link anywhere else it seems.

As for getting galleries set up, get me some photos and I’ll have a play about but still finding my way about it.

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