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Mike, there is another thread discussing clubkit in which I have provided an update, I recieved the final templates last week and have sent an e-mail to the contact I was dealing with previously. 

I have not heard back from him, and as a result I have obtained the e-mail address of the M3 contact rep, and will be sending him an e-mail this evening detailing what we are looking for.  I have had problems accessing the Champ Systems webpage (probably due to my poor broadband connection) but am taking the more direct route of contacting the named reps by e-mail until I can figure out a way of accessing the website – if indeed I can!  

Although it has been on-going for 5+ months everyone has been aware of how things were progressing and the timescales – January was the deadline for the design when discussed at the last meeting. 

As for you saying you have not been provided with prices this is untrue, as I provided details of pricing at a meeting which you were at as well as sending out links via a club e-mail so you could access the full kit price range.  I am unsure as to how ordering will work, although a couple of options are available which we can explore; this will need to be sorted out and I shall post updates as they are available (as I stated on the other thread)

Discussions at meetings highlighted that it would be early Spring (I think March was mentioned) before the club kit would probably be available, and there was nodding of heads at this and it seemed fine to all those present – there were certainly no grumbling voices as I remember.

Re “old kit” there are 6 pairs of size 4 medium bibshorts (Endura make) which I think were too small for those who ordered them, and one pair size 6  XL (TAL make) bibshorts.  I would imagine you fall into the size 5 category, of which there are none as they were snapped up when first advertised at the reduced cost.

There is not much I can do about people not posting on the webpage!