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No sign of the samples yet, if they are not here by tomorrow I’ll contact the rep by e-mail and chase it up.

I received amended shorts design today which amends the chain edging on the short so that the CS logo is not over the chain – I have asked Mark to upload this onto the Club Kit section.  I intend to approve the designs tomorrow once I have veiwed them on a large screen as my small screen is not good for picking up anything which is maybe not quite right.  Once they have been approved that is the ordering open.  I have contacted the President, Secy and Treasurer and we are almost agreed on the “incentive” package for the first order, and there will be a cut-off for membership in order to access the incentives for the first order to progress as quickly as possible.  If you don’t join by this cut-off date then you’ll have missed the incentive package. I’ll keep you posted here.