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Update re kit design:

The top design looks as if it is exactly as sent to Champion, so that should be easy enough to sign off.

However, Champion design department have come up with a black/red version of the shorts design – the design agreed at the most recent meeting was black with 100% Angus logo (as per club kit pic on website), however I think the black/red version looks much better and all of those at the duathlon today who saw the kit and expressed an opinion stated they would be more inclined to buy the black/red version.  If anyone has admin rights can you let me know and I can send a copy of the black/red version so you can load it and let everyone see it – there could be the option of 2 short designs options for purchase?  Or do we stick with the black design as agreed or change to the black/red.

The black/red design is a predominantly black short with the 100% Angus logo – however the left leg side panels is red and has the Bull logo, and the right leg side panel is black with ANGUS BIKE CHAIN written down the leg and the red and white chain on the bottom – pretty much duplicating the top, so provides continuity.

Your thoughts?