Reply To: Winter Turbo Sessions 2015 / 2016


Session from 11 January.
The plan for turbo sessions post New Year is a 4 week block of strength work (high resistance / low cadence work) mainly seated and you should concentrate on using the glutes, keeping upper body still, hands light on the bars, and concentrating on a circular pedalling stroke. Scrape foot back at bottom of pedal rev. No stomping or mashing the pedals up and down. Circles, not pistons. Long term you should aim to increase your ‘comfortable’ cadence. faster pedalling in a given gear means more speed. Simples.

Single Leg Pedalling
After warm up, select gear that is relatively hard to pedal single legged while maintaining a smooth circular cadence

1 min right leg only
1 min both legs in 1 gear harder for 2 leg pedalling, change to 1 easier for
1 min left leg only
1 min both legs and repeat this sequence twice more
2 mins active recovery.

1 gear harder than the 2 legged section earlier
1 min at 90rpm
1 min at 95 rpm
1 min at 100rpm
1 min at 110 rpm
30 secs at 120 rpm, 30 secs at 130 rpm and repeat this twice more. No recovery period, the 90 rpm minute is as close as it get to a recovery period.

2 mins active recovery after the 3 reps above and then in same gear 1 set of 30 secs very hard effort. 30 secs very easy x 5 reps.

This session is all about the cadence.