Reply To: Winter Turbo Sessions 2015 / 2016


Session from 4 January

Strength session – seated climbing

Usual 15 minute warm up (see 8th December post)

Big ring, select a hard gear (12 – 14 sprocket), medium to high resistance

30 secs in hardest gear aiming for 70 – 75 rpm cadence seated. 1 gear easier for 2 mins reducing cadence a little then go 1 gear harder for 1 minute maintaining the same cadence, 2 gears easier for 3 mins increasing cadence then finish rep pushing hardest gear for 30 secs.

4 mins recovery.

This rep may seem complicated but all it’s trying to do is replicate a changing gradient on a 7 minute climb.

Repeat the 7 minute effort, 4 mins active recovery twice more.

Cool down