Reply To: Winter Turbo Sessions 2015 / 2016


Last nights session – a session for endurance but with added intensity

Usual 15 minute warm up
Medium hard gear (1 easier than gearing used for Threshold test?), medium resistance (looking to achieve shy of threshold HR (maybe up to 80% Max)

10 mins at 90+ rpm selecting gear to reach sub threshold level (not quite TT pace intensity)
5 mins easy
10 mins at sub threshold level but include a 10 second hard burst at end of each minute (not a maximal sprint effort – up to 115 or 120rpm cadence?)
5 mins easy
1 x 5 mins of 30 seconds hard/ 30 seconds easy (hard at TT / Pursuit pace / Threshold level)
A second set of this can be added as long as you have 5 mins easy between sets

10 mins cool down

Last session before a break is next Monday 21st December