Reply To: Winter Turbo Sessions 2015 / 2016


Week 3 – an endurance session with increasing intensity and cadence

Warm up for 15 minutes
5 mins easy spinning, then at 90-95 rpm go 1 gear harder every minute for 7 minutes so that you are working hard (probably threshold intensity in the last minute or two), 1 minute easy, then in a small gear perform 2 x 6 second max cadence rev outs a minute apart. 1 minute easy.

Then is a racing size gear (something you have to work to keep turning) go hard at 90+ rpm, on hoods or better, the drops for 8 minutes. Aim to reach your threshold (or short TT pace) after 3 or 4 mins. GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE HERE
2 mins easy gear then
5 mins in same gear as set 1 but try to pedal a little faster, 1 minute easy then repeat 5 minute effort
5 mins easy recovery (the bit I shortened to 1 minute yesterday. Oops!)
1 gear harder than the 5 minute effort gear, pedal at high cadence for 2 mins, 30 secs easy (back pedalling?), repeat 2 mins effort, 30 secs easy
then 1 minute hard aiming for a slightly faster cadence, 30 secs easy x 4 efforts.

10 mins cool down and stretch.