Reply To: Winter Turbo Sessions 2015 / 2016


This weeks session, given that the AGM is running this Monday is posted here for the keen and committed!

Warm up as last week but after a couple of minutes off following the progressive gear increases, in an easy gear pedal as fast as possible for 6 seconds, 54 seconds easy and repeat twice more before the meat of the session.

In order to try to get threshold heart rate up or to achieve same speed etc for a lower heart rate give this session a go.

Same gearing and resistance as last weeks test and go as hard as you can, trying to get HR slightly above what was seen last week for 5 minutes
3 minutes easy recovery, and repeat the 5 minute effort at effectively above threshold / 3 mins recovery a further 4 times.

10 mins cool down, stretch main muscle groups.

This is not a classic over/ under session targeting threshold, that will come later but it will help by working over the TT intensity and having a relatively short recovery.