Reply To: Winter Turbo Sessions 2014


Strength session (as Monday 12th Jan)
warm up as above but without the 2 x 6 sec rev outs as they are not relevant to this session

In 3rd hardest gear, staying in saddle unless cadence labours, 6 minutes at 70+ rpm. Add in periods in and out of the saddle. Final 15 seconds increase cadence and push ‘over the top’

3 mins easy recovery

2nd hardest gear, alternating in and out of saddle for 5 mins with final 15 secs over the top effort

3 mins recovery

Hardest gear, again in and out of the saddle as required, for 4 mins, final 15 secs over the top.

3 mins recovery and repeat 5 min effort, 3 mins recovery, 6 mins effort and final 10 mins cool down.