Reply To: Winter Turbo Sessions 2014


I’ve been asked to post some of the sessions we have done here to give options and ideas when the weather is crap.

I can also email out sessions if I know what component of fitness is to be targeted so feel free to get in touch.

For all sessions a decent progressive warm up is essential and the one we use is
5 mins steady in an easy gear, then shift to big ring, big sprocket (no or low resistance) pedalling 85 – 90 rpm and go 1 gear harder every minute for 7 minutes. 1 minute easy gear then in same easy gear 2 x 6 second max rev outs 60 secs or so apart, 1 minute easy then go into the main session.

Cardio session
7 mins work, 3 mins recovery
In starting gear (middle of block) cadence 90 rpm for 2 mins. 1 gear easier and increase cadence to 95 for 2 mins, 1 gear easier and increase cadence to 100 for 2 mins, 1 gear HARDER and maintain 100rpm for 1 minute

3 Mins recovery in easy gear

Repeat above twice more with extra minute recovery after rep 3.

We have been adding in High Intensity Intervals at the end (optional)
Same gear as above (or harder if you want)
10 seconds FLAT OUT seated sprint
30 secs recovery (no gear change) x 6 reps. These must be 100% sprints, not 90%/ 95% or 110% (because you can only give 100%!) This session has been shown to improve VO2 max (University of Abertay research study)

More to follow