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Tonights course was an amalgamation of the past 2 we’ve used and it has shown that some riders are really getting a lot faster. I’ll have to reassess my timings a lot! Good to see progress though.

17 miles
Return order and group

1= Moragh ‘Sandbagger’ Taylor (1) (Congratulations on now getting promoted up a group!)
1= Pamela ‘Panzerwagen’ Irving (1) both in 47:27 which works out at 21.4mph average speed! That’s no group 1 speed…
3. Mark ‘When I go out myself it’s 17½ mph average. Honest’ Reid (2) on a single speed.
4. Steve ‘The girls sat on my wheel then left me’ Smith (1)
5. Euan ‘Quiet Man’ McArthur (2)
6. Andy ‘Detour’ Duff (2)
7. Mike ‘ Can we get another minute off’ Milne (4)
8. Andy ‘Cool Kuota’ Kindness (4)
9. John ‘On my wife’s bike. With Zipps?’ Smith (3)
10. John ‘Sorry don’t know you well enough yet’ Wigham (4)
11. Miriam ‘a time trial with a detour’ Rennett (1) (keeping Andy Duff company exploring the Angus countryside)
12. Steph ‘I needed that turn right sign’ Delaney (3) You can have it.
13. Malcolm ‘I’ll try to keep with you John’ Ritchie (3)
14. David ‘Man of few words tonight’ Millar (4)
15. David ‘Must check my back brake’ Sutton (2) (Great resistance training though!!)
DNF. Steven ‘2 weeks in America is not good for you’ Cameron (4)

Brilliant turn out folks. Thanks. Next one on Tuesday 5th August, 7pm and a course starting at Craichie village bus stop has been requested. Route to be posted here when/if I figure out bike route toaster on this macbook.